Do Mitzvot need Kavanna?

Is intention as essential as action in the fulfilment of mitzvot?

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About this course:
"Do Mitzvot Need Kavanna?"
is one of five inaugural courses offered by Talmid-Chaver as part of the launch of our new website; you can enroll in this course alone or choose to bundle it with the four other inaugural courses. The course analyzes and critiques Rava's statement that one who sounds the shofar on Rosh Hashana to enjoy its musical qualities has fulfilled the mitzvah of shofar. The sugyah introduces numerous mitzvot, including: eating matzah on Pesach, dwelling in the Succah and Birkat Kohanim as part of its analysis. The relevant pages are Masechet Rosh Hashana 28a-29a.

This course consists of twelve videos, averaging 14 minutes in length each, with multiple choice and vocabulary quizzes after most shiurim.

As with all of our inaugural courses,

  • students enrolled in the course are invited to pose course-related questions to Rabbi Meyers at [email protected], who will make a sincere effort to offer a prompt response
  • students who complete the course are encouraged to email us for the long-answer test offered once a student completes the course work.


Your Instructor

Rabbi Ron-Ami Meyers
Rabbi Ron-Ami Meyers

Rabbi Ron-Ami Meyers grew up in a traditional home in Winnipeg, Canada; although he had a solid day school education, his exposure to Gemara began only at the age of 22. Along the way, he encountered seasoned Talmidei-Chachamim whose impressive minds and shiurim often raced ahead of their less experienced students; he understood that there's much to be said for encouraging talmidim to "stretch themselves."

That said, Rav Ron-Ami also benefited from master educators who appreciated the need to make explicit the language, logical structures, and assumptions that Torah scholars have operated with for generations.

Rabbi Meyers has Semicha from Rav Yitzchak Kolitz ZTz"L, Dayan Avraham Kopschitz ZTz"l, and Rabbi Ya'akov Moshe Poupko ZTz"L

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course designed for?
Talmid-Chaver's courses are geared towards students who have basic Hebrew reading and translation skills and some experience in Gemara with Rashi. If you attended a Yeshiva/Yeshiva High School, spent a year at yeshiva in Israel, took a course in Talmud in college, or attend a basic Gemara shiur at your local synagogue or Kollel, Talmid-Chaver may be right for you. This is not a course for those with minimal Hebrew or no exposure to Gemara and Rashi. If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to contact us. Thanks!
Do you hope that Talmid-Chaver will replace classical yeshiva study?
Not at all - just the opposite: The goal of Talmid-Chaver is put you on the path towards independence, by offering courses that model the vocabulary, structure and logic of Gemara. Our courses are geared to mainstream you into intermediate then advanced shiurim in Gemara

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