Mishna to Mishna: Perek HaShoel et HaPara

השואל את הפרה is a brand new course of Rabbi Meyers' Talmid-Chaver program. Using a different style than our courses to date, the course covers approximately three daf of Gemara (the Gemara on the first mishna of the perek) and features brief videos that each explain a short piece of text in the sugyah. The course is designed for motivated students who want to literally build their understanding of the sugyah step by step. The course is also an invaluable tool for educators, and can be utilized as a supplement to the rebbe's regular shiurim. The course includes multiple-choice and short answer quizzes on each amud. Estimated complete date: May 1st. Buy the course now at an early bird price of $23.99! We will be in touch by email as soon as the course is complete!

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Rabbi Ron-Ami Meyers
Rabbi Ron-Ami Meyers

Rabbi Ron-Ami Meyers grew up in a traditional home in Winnipeg, Canada; although he had a solid day school education, his exposure to Gemara began only at the age of 22. Along the way, he encountered seasoned Talmidei-Chachamim whose impressive minds and shiurim often raced ahead of their less experienced students; he understood that there's much to be said for encouraging talmidim to "stretch themselves."

That said, Rav Ron-Ami also benefited from master educators who appreciated the need to make explicit the language, logical structures, and assumptions that Torah scholars have operated with for generations.

Rabbi Meyers has Semicha from Rav Yitzchak Kolitz ZTz"L, Dayan Avraham Kopschitz ZTz"l, and Rabbi Ya'akov Moshe Poupko ZTz"L

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  Start of Perek HaShoel et HaPara 94a-b
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